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Beautiful Story and Wonderful Accomplishment … about Akhilesh Mathur(1981EE)

From Probal Mukherjee (1975 COMM)

When I was on my first job in BARC in Bombay, Lux was doing his apprenticeship in an architect firm in the city. We used to meet every weekend and I had introduced him to a colleague. “Lux”! he had exclaimed and I had to clarify Lux was not the secret of beauty for Aruna Irani to Zeenat Aman and his actual name was Laxman Rao.

During his apprenticeship, Lux enjoyed a free first class pass in the Bombay local trains owing to his father’s position in the railway. When he finished  his apprenticeship and started working in the firm his privilege ended and finding him coming out of a second class coach my colleague said,  “how come you are moving in second class, Lux, has your father retired?”

Lux replied,”no, I have retired.”

From Probal Mukherjee (1975 COMM)

LUX had also labelled an SN-Hall inmate as ” A dame with a mouch is worth two in the bush”

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