Welcome to Patelian

Brilliant, Crazy and Wild alumnus of IIT Kharagpur who once took pride in living in the old campus and spent the glorious years of their life at the Patel Hall of Residence in the 70’s.  – Sudhir

“We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun;
And the days that are gone are the songs that were sung!”  – Probal


Brief history of IIT KGP

Old Patel Hall Memories (Contributed by Prakash Chatterjee 1981-CHE)
Prof Paul (NA), Prof P N Chakraborty (Met), Prof Purohit (Chemical)
Asst Warden
Prof M C Mullick (Comm), Prof Sridhar (Aero)
Living in the Bungalow adjacent to D Block
Prof Mr Majumdar (Civil) and Prof Mrs Majumdar (Civil)
Hall Office
Banerjee da, Ghosal da, Punaiya
Manager : Ranjit da
Supervisor : Bijon da
Mess Staff : Prahlad, Jack, Dadu, Rao, Shimadri, Vairagi, Nagen
Fruit Stall : Ghatak Babu, Rao
Canteen : Kalyan, Shailesh, Shyamal
Nair Canteen – Near V Niwas
Tejpal – Near DVC gate
Hall Librarian
One person from Chemical Engg, Next one person from Main Library
TFS Machine Operator : Tarapodo
Kulfi Shop near S N Hall : Ramdas
Cycle Shed : Ranjit
Dhobi : Sohan Lal, Amrit Lal
Hair Cutting : Kaku
Postman : Maiti Babu ( knows top 20 US varsities)
Paperwala : Panditji (in Dhoti & Kurta)
The Off Campus restaurants 
Waldorf,  Far East,  Anarkali,  Braganza
Movie Halls
Milani, Arora, South Institute
Liquor Shop next to KGP station:  Billimoria
Last we paid Rs 52/- for a full bottle of Old Monk
Train Fare KGP to Howrah
Local : Rs 5.05
Express : Rs 6.80