Recognition 2019

Anil Mathur (1975 CHE) receiving Admiral of the Ocean Seas Award. The Chinese lady next to him is Elaine Chao – Transportation Secretary on Trump’s Cabinet.

Prabhakar Singh (197 ME) – Eminent Engineer Award of the year 2019
Ramnath Mani (1969 Comm) ‘s School celebrating August 15, 2019
Kritilabs, which L. N Rajaram (1973 COMM) confounded,  has won the Nasscom award for disruptive technology in IOT and declared a ‘Rising Star’
Ashok Saigal (1973 EE) India Development Debate on Delhi TV June 2019
Raj Dave (1981 CHE) to Chair the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Government of India’s Patent Facilitation Program (PFP) at Kodaikanal on 12th and 13th August 2019

Prof Supriyo Datta (1975 COMM – President Gold Medal winner 1975)

He is the winner of Thomas Duncan Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

In 2019, he is the most popular EDX professors among Purdue University Professors.  Here is a two minute video:

Ajit Shenoi (1974 NA) Getting the Distinguished 2019 Award
Prabhakar Singh (1979 ME) Getting the Distinguished 2019 Award


Prof. S.Ramanujan (1976 ME) ‘s Book on Maverick Chopra

Battleground IIT Kharagpur Chronicle of Maverick Chopra Paperback – 2019

by Dr. S. Ramanujam (Author)