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VEER KOTHARI – 1979 CHE, Heart Attack


EE, Heart Attack

Passed away  by  Drowning

Finney Thomas’s, email …
Vaswar Dasgupta died very tragically. Both he and his wife drowned in a river when they went for a picnic. I used to meet Vaswar regularly in connection with my work. He was the MD of Sika Qualcrete a Swedish based company manufacturing building materials and has written a couple of books on Management. His wife was a popular teacher of a prominent school in Kolkata. They have a son. It was so very sad.

Passed away November 29, 2014
Coimbatore, Heart Attack,
Age 57

Rajiv Bhasin’s, email ..
I am TOTALLY STUNNED . He was my neighbour at Patel Hall for over 4 years out of the 5 years that we  were at KGP. Like Sahaya Raj has written, Paddy was full of LIFE and had a ready wit about him. He would crack a joke with a very serious face and this was a very endearing trait of him.
Finney Thomas’s, email …
This is really shocking news! The other day it was Hegde, 3 years my senior and now it is Paddy 3 years my junior. I knew Paddy well. Whenever we would meet we would converse in Malayalam – a rare opportunity we got to speak our mother tongue. A couple of years back when I was in a hardware store in Kerala, I saw a certificate of a Company, framed on the wall – can’t remember which one – issued to the dealer, and it was signed by Paddy. Obviously he had done well for himself. I also remember that together we had even paid visits to some Mallu households in KGP, while in Patel Hall.

Vinod Lal (1979 NA) Passed away in Goa, June 8, 2018 of Heart Attack

Vinod Lal

Very sorry to hear about Vinod Lal – sudden and most untimely demise. He was younger than us. Although he was a year junior but was very close to me. He was from Asansol and I was from Dhanbad. So many time we traveled together from Kharagpur by Howrah – Gomo passenger train. At Adra station he would get down and change his train to Asansol. He was such a great company. Really miss him today.   -Vijay sharma

I learnt cooking by being Vinod’s helper and watching him cook. We had a nice time in Goa. I am sorry I did not keep in touch after 1981. Prasun, you gave me Vinod’s contact info last year. I am sorry I did not reconnect before he passed away.  -S.U. Bhat

He was a very good singer.  He rendered Mukesh songs in our school functions -H M S  Gandhi

Which year I don’t recall. In spring festival for a group song we rendered a Bhupen Hazarika song in which at 2 – 3 instances a lady voice was required. Vinod Lal did that so well and we won 1st prize. – Bala

Really saddened to hear this news. A good friend who kept us enthralled with his sense of humour and his light banter. Was simply too good at the table.  Am sure we are destined to meet again in another Janma. – Ramesh Srinivasan

Deeply regret the sad demise of our very close friend. Myself, Dhawan, Pol and Ajay Paul were to visit him this June or July for a small get together. Our deepest condolences to his family. May his soul be in peace. Will always remember you -Dere

I remember Vinod as a very jovial Person – Krishna Shastri

Both Dere and Ramesh have said words very powerful and touching- my feelings for Vinod are no different-too late to go and meet him- Prasun HK

The sad and untimely loss of Vinod Lal has impacted all Patelians and gloom has descended on an otherwise jovial group. The departed soul had touched the life of so many Patelians right from the school days to his end. Pray for the noble soul to rest in peace and may be we all would meet again for eternal togetherness on our reaching the realms beyond. -Anil Arora

Vinod used to play drum and harmonium.
I remember his rendition of Sultana based on Santana. R.I.P. Vinod.- Dhumasia

He was a very humorous person at heart. He could make everyone laugh in a heartbeat. I once renumber during the mess strike, they had posted police guards all through our halls. There were two police guards stationed with guns by the canteen between B and C. As myself, Vinod and a few other walked by the guards he stuck an instant conversation with the guards in Bhojpuri or Mythili. Then he went on jokingly in Hindi looking at the police and their guns

Kitne Goli hai is bandook me Samaba!!
Gaand me dum hai to goli chala ke dekh !!

But then the Police guys laughingly replied back

Kya Goli Chalayee Sarkar
Is me to ek bhi goli nahin hai.
Eh sab kewal dikhawaa hai..

He was a fine soul.- Meenakshi Raja

Vinod was versatile at many percussion instruments and very possibly played the dhol. – Ashok Arunachalam

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