Mini Mela 2022

Jayanta and Mustafa enjoying the Nice LA weather Jan 31, 2022

Sudhanshu Bakshi, Rajesh Goel and Anil Arora March 172022, CP Delhi

Panjabi Dilip Singh(1975ME) and Anil Gupta(1975MET) with better halves in Mumbai March 26 2022
Rajan Takle (1974 MET) and Vishnu Lele(1974 AGE) in Pune March 2022

Jayanta visits me after three years. here is a clip of our wonderful time together

Durgadas Saha(1981 MIN) and Upendra Behara(1980 ME) at MayFair, Bubaneswar May 19, 2022
Chetan Date and Arindam (74-79 CHE) in Edison NJ may 20, 2022