Mini Mela 2015

Pooch  and Malvinder (1974 EE) and wives  Jan 2015 at Dubai Airport Malvinder-and-pooch

Atul (1974 COMM) , Lele  (1974 AGE) and Dilip (1976 ME) at Rupali, Pune for Breakfast – Jan 2015


Anil Gupta (1975 MET) and Jayanta Dutta (1975 ME) with wives in Mumbai at Anil’s placeDSC08671-1

Sudhir Kadam(1976 MECH)  and Shreekant Verma(1976 AGE) meet after 38 years

Rajaram L N (1973 COM) in New Jersey Jan 24, 2015

Rajaram LN(1973 COM) Shekhar Bhandari(1975 COM) Pooch(1974 EE) in Washington DC Jan 2015

Rajaram-shekhar-PoochJairam (1975 ME), Amit Bagchi (1975 ME), Jayanta Dutta(1975 ME),  Raj Sengupta (1975 NA) and Prem Puthur (1975 AGE)


H.K.Varma (1972 ME) and wife meeting with Mustafa in Detroit July 2015


Pritam Bhavnani and Anil Mathur(1975)  and wives in Singapore July 2015

Anil Mathur- Pritam and wives-1

Finney Thomas and Susan Visit to NJ, Nov 12, 2015


Jayanta Dutta, Finney Thomas and Prem Puthur



One thought on “Mini Mela 2015”

  1. Good to see the G sec of PHR after 42 years
    Malvinder taught some of the choicest epithets whose meanings I came to knwo much later as I knew no Hindi when I joined nor do I claim to know now

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