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Anil-Gopalan-80-1ANIL K GOPALAN – MET 80   
Passed away  October 21, 2014, Age 56

Meenakshi Raja’s  email …

In this holiday season it breaks my heart to pass on another bad news about a Patelian.

Another Patelian, Anil K Gopalan Met 80 batch passed away of cardiac arrest while working out in the gym lived in Banglaore.. He joined in as a Mining student and changed to Metallurgy mid way.

 He was a mallu, and an army brat. His father used to be in charge of the HVF Factory in Avadi.

Anil was Vice President  Operations for Unilever Global in his last job.

May he RIP.

passed away  

Prabhakar’s  email …

I came to know that Indu Shekhar Jha 80/CE/Patel passed away few months back. The shocking list is increasing.

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