Obituary 1973


Passed away, Heart Attack
Patelian beloved nick name- Hippo

Partho Neogi’s email

Hippo’s story is same as Khullar’s: he helped his wife move their furniture.  Told his wife he was tired and was going to bed, and never woke up. I remember visiting Hippo and his new bride less than a year before that, with Debabrata Gupta.


Passed away 2010, Heart Attack,Age 59
Best All_Round Athlete IIT, Miss Patel 1968

Jaydeb Barman’s email  
It is really sad to know that Nadig is no more. He was my batchmate and we had spent a lot of quality time together both in sports field and in the hall. He was very soft spoken and simple. Perhaps you all dont know that he was winner of the MISS Patel Contest at the mass ragging night.  It is really sad to know of his sad demise at  such an early age.

Prem Puthur’s email to Dilip Dhopavkar  
This is really shocking !!!  Although I was not in touch with Nadig since IIT,   I still remember very vividly watching his wonders in Table Tennis, Tennis, hockey, Cricket, Roller Skating, Aquatics and Athletics .  

In the facebook pictures you forwarded, as recent as 2009, he looked quite healthy and did not look like he had any health issues.  Nadig was probably one of the best all-rounder’s  we had in IIT – the kind who excelled in everything they did. may he rest in peace.


Passed away
May 9, 2013, Brain Tumor, Age 62
Best Cyclist in IIT.

Joined Navy. Got married in 1980, Tumor found in the brain.  Operated successfully.  Worked for navy for 18 years, last posting in Goa. Moved to Jamshedpur in 1998
Tumor reappeared and operated once again and was fine after operation. Used to go to walk everyday while in Jamshedpur with wife.  Fell down in 2005 and had a Hip fracture.  Stopped walking. Moved to Rishra
near Calcutta on Jan 10, 2010.



Passed away November 14, 2014 in Princeton NJ, Acute respiratory distress syndrome, 63yrs

Remebering Ghoda, Our dear friend Hegde ( ….. to 14th November 2014 )

L.N.Rajaram, 23rd Nov, 2014, Chennai

The sobriquet of Ghoda was given to him unanimously and spontaneously by us when we saw him drink an entire Surai full of water in the first year of our association at the Patel Hall of Residence of Indian Institute of Technology , Kharapur. It stuck and grew with him. It was never a derogatory one. It was said in awe of his various qualities that slowly came to the fore as our relations matured over five years.

In the first few days of our acquaintance, one was impressed by his towering physical structure and strength something that intimidated even seniors who tried ragging him. He looked down his acquiline nose at a puny senior and asked imperiously, ‘ You man .. I man, so why trouble me? His services were called for whenever any heavy stuff had to be moved or lifted. He gave the impression of the rustic Jat who did not know his own strength. However, he soon found his height and weight working to his disadvantage as most of us found innovative excuses to avoid giving him a ride  on our bicycles from our hostel to the classes……………………


Passed away 2011. No additional info available


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