Literary 2015

Dost door bhi ho to paas hi hota hai
Uska ehsas har sans mei hota hai
Usme jajbaat koi khaas hi hota hai
Wah dost ke pyar ka ek daas hota hai
Sadaa use dost ka aabhaas hota hai
Use kewal dosti ka hi raas hota hai
Uske dil mein dost ka hi vaas hota hai
Parvaah nahin yadi uska parihaas hota hai……..

—- Prabhakar Singh


What a heart-warming video, Prem! Deeply grateful to you for generating these master pieces!! How the years go by!!

Without these memories:

Subheh hothi hai,

Shyaam hothi hai,

Dekhthe dekhthe zindagi tamam hothi hai.

Kehthe hai: life is better measured not by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away…… miss you all terribly!

Anil Mathur

Prabhakar with Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi  -May 2015

Prabhakar with PM Modi

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